Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Appearing on Alamanac this Friday (Twin Cities Public Television)

John Camp and I will be appearing on Almanac, the weekly public television news program this Friday at 7pm. This is a LIVE show, and we're being asked to talk about our Iraq experiences in general... I'm not quite sure where the program will go, but it's an interesting forum to have a slightly more indepth conversation about what we saw.

Almanac runs on TPT channel 2 in the Twin Cities metro area, and it also runs on WDSE channel 8, the Duluth public television station (I'm not sure about any other Minnesota outstate public television stations).


Anonymous said...


Would it be possible to get Andrea Ourada's email address? My brother served for 29 years in the Navy, retiring as a Captain. I would like to thank her and her unit for her service. Thanks! Your video was great!

Eric Bowen said...

I would be happy to forward her a message if you email it to me at: ericiniraq(at)

Anonymous said...

We don't get that show down here in florida, but maybe you can attach a clip on your site?

The Princess gun picture was great!

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