Monday, January 8, 2007

Press Release: Independent Photojournalist visiting Minnesota troops in Iraq at his own expense


Eric Bowen is a Minneapolis based photojournalist, who will be traveling to Iraq for two weeks in February 2007 to cover Minnesota Army National Guard soldiers deployed in the Fallujah area. Eric is a former Minnesota Army National Guard soldier who's personal mission is to highlight the Minnesota Guard role in the Iraq War, and provide more hometown coverage of Guard soldiers.

Eric will be embedded with Bravo Company 2/136 which is part of the Minnesota headquartered 34th Infantry Division. Eric will riding along on combat patrols to photograph soldiers in action, as well as photographing soldiers day to day life on base at Camp Fallujah.

Eric is undertaking this trip at his own expense out of a personal interest in the Minnesota Army National Guard, and a desire to provide independent citizen journalist coverage of the war in Iraq. Eric would welcome financial participation from additional media organizations, and outright donations from individuals interested in supporting this sort of in-depth personal coverage of our troops.

Eric is officially affiliated with the Crookston Daily Times on this mission, and will be highlighting Crookston area soldiers. However, Eric is also planning to file photos and stories with other interested Minnesota news organizations.

Eric will be writing a daily column for the two week duration of this trip, in addition to daily news photos, and producing a number of feature stories and photo essays. Please contact Eric if you are interested in being included in this coverage, or would like more information about his mission.

UPDATE: Eric is now also affiliated with KSTP Channel 5 Eyewitness News, and will be supplying a daily video feed that will appear on KSTP, and possibly other Minnesota ABC stations.

Mission dates: February 5 -21

Eric Bowen
612.868.9492 cell
775.415.0076 fax
011-8816-4144-4676 satellite phone in Iraq (the leading 011 only applies if you are dialing from the US)

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