Wednesday, January 31, 2007

T -5 Days and counting

Minneapolis, Minnesota - With 5 days to go to my departure things are coming together. I'm still waiting on a few last minute packages from FedEx and UPS, and finalizing my packing list, but all in all I'm feeling ready to go.

There are some students that need to clean their room before they can start studying for a test, and my wife has to clean the house before we can leave on a trip. Monday night I got 5 duffel bags of old Army gear down from the attic, and I'm sorting through them looking for gear that might be useful on this trip, and finally throwing away a bunch of stuff that I'll never use again.

My wife is happy that I'm finally getting rid of the junk, and I've found a couple of useful items.


Anonymous said...

I just got the information about your trip overseas from Company B's FRG. They also listed an email address that doesn't seem to work, I'm assuming they missed something.

How will you be passing on your information? I have a son at Camp Fallujah and am interest in seeing news you post. Will that be on your blog, or elsewhere?

I'll check back for your answer.

Thanks -- Kathy

Eric Bowen said...

Hi Kathy-

My email is eric.bowen(at) My stories and photos will be appearing here as well as various local newspapers, and hopefully most Minnesota ABC television stations...



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