Thursday, February 1, 2007

Why I think this is important

Minneapolis, Minnesota - I've been getting some nice emails from the family members of Minnesota National Guard soldiers in Iraq, who are becoming aware of what I'm doing. This is the sort of thing that really reinforces my resolve that this is worthwhile project!
I got the message about you going over to Iraq to follow our guys - THANK
YOU - more than you will know!!!! I personally have 2 sons over there and
all information that we get seems sketchy at best. There has been lots of
disappointments along the way. It is good to see some active coverage of
this for our guys who have been gone so long. The only coverage or
recognition they seem to get is if someone comes home in a body bag. Then
and only then the media is reminding us that they are over there. Many
people from MN have forgotten that these soldiers are there day in and day
out and have been for about a year now and not sure of homecoming date. So
thank you for doing this for our guys and us back home.
And another:
I am looking forward to your trip... my husband is currently serving with the MNANG- should be an interesting trip for you! Good luck and thanks for doing this!
Thanks for your support!

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Day by Day, by Chris Muir (updated daily)

Chris Muir is the cartoonist that I met in Kuwait. He spent two weeks in Iraq at the same time I was there in February 2007, and so thought it would relevant to showcase his work on my site. Here is a link to Chris' humorous travelogue of this Iraq trip: