Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Phase Line Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam - First leg of the trip from the US completed, getting ready to board my flight to Kuwait.

I lived in Europe for several years in the 80's, but there are still things that surprise me just walking through the airport. For instance finding a female janitor mopping the restroom floor under the urinals as the male visitors (myself included) go about their business a few urinals down. This isn't new to me, but it's been 15 years, and I was still a little taken aback.

For international readers: In the US they put up a closed sign when they are cleaning the restrooms, and there would NEVER be a female in a men's restroom unless it was closed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Eric. Say hi to the 2/136 from back home. They are our favorites and some of my best friends.Can't wait to have them home again.

Day by Day, by Chris Muir (updated daily)

Chris Muir is the cartoonist that I met in Kuwait. He spent two weeks in Iraq at the same time I was there in February 2007, and so thought it would relevant to showcase his work on my site. Here is a link to Chris' humorous travelogue of this Iraq trip: http://billroggio.com/archives/2007/03/arrival_alignright_v.php