Friday, February 9, 2007

No photos of damaged vehicles

Camp Fallujah, Iraq, with Bravo 2/136 - In the Bravo Company motor pool there are two seriously damaged vehicles that I would love to be able to show you, but I can't. There is a very strict policy against publishing photos of battle damaged vehicles or equipment. The point of the rule is to prevent the enemy for using the photos to assess and improve the effectiveness of their weapons. This seems like a reasonable rule, but it does mean you are missing out on some interesting sights.

Currently there are two "destroyed" Bradley's in the Bravo motor pool. One was damaged by an accident (taking pictures of this vehicle is totally fine... uploaded one earlier today). The other Bradley was severely damaged by an IDE, and I can't take any pictures of it, or describe the damage to you. There is also an up-armored HMMV that was hit by an IDE.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you're allowed to give the number of destroyed vehicles. Giving any information as to the strength/weakness of our military (and our vehicles contribute to it) provides intelligence to the enemy.

I commend you for not showing pictures. My husband is in Fallujah right now, and I'm happy to see some operational security being attended to.

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