Thursday, February 22, 2007

Marine Corps Public Affairs Office in Camp Fallujah

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - The following article came up on my Google Alert for "Fallujah" today:

I thought it would be interesting to highlight this article, since I never really mentioned the Public Affairs infrastructure at Camp Fallujah in posts while I was there.

There are eight Marines working full time in the II MEF (FWD) Public Affairs Office on Camp Fallujah. Their responsibilities include publishing articles like the one above as well as assisting visiting journalists with details like transportation, housing, and communications.

SGT Jackson, the photographer and author of the article above was responsible for getting my satellite feed to KSTP working every night, despite only having been in Iraq a few days, and working with unfamiliar equipment. The rest of II MEF PAO office was equally helpful. Thanks to all!

A few public notes (since I don't have any of your email addresses):

2LT Hollenbeck: Thanks to your travel planning, I made it from Fallujah to Kuwait in 11.5 hours. Thanks!

SGT Jackson: I'm glad to see you are getting outside the wire. Keep up the good work. I'll be watching for the first Robert Capa photo.

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