Friday, February 9, 2007

The Ugandan connection and international forces in Iraq

Camp Fallujah, Iraq - Those of you that don't know me personally, are probably unaware that I have a brother who lives in Uganda. How is this relevant you ask?

1) Uganda, as my brother pointed out in an email today is in the same timezone as Iraq (GMT +3). Random but somewhat interesting.

2) The facilities guards around Camp Fallujah are all from Uganda. Very bizarre to an outsider...

If I try to get into the Marine Corps Head Quarters I need to show my ID card to a Ugandan soldier who will then inform me that I need an escort to enter the area. I also need to get past the Ugandans to get into the chow hall for breakfast, but in that case I do not need an escort.

Here is a list of all the different nationalities of soldiers and/or police trainers that I have seen here in Iraq in the past few days:

El Salvador
Denmark (embassy guards I believe)

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phil said...

you can tell the guards that we live on mbuya hill. mmmBOOyah. it's just uphill from the army hospital and only a couple hundred meters from the army barracks at the top of the hill, so they'll probably know where we are.

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