Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The worst sound in Iraq...

... is a medivac helicopter. Camp Fallujah's hospital is only a few hundred meters from Bravo Company's area here on Camp Fallujah, and we've seen two medivac helicopters come in this morning (it's 8:00 am here).

To be very clear these are NOT carrying Bravo Company soldiers, or Minnesota National Guard soldiers to the best of my knowledge, and no Bravo Company soldier has been wounded in the week that I've been here, with exception of one broken ankle (a non-combat injury).

But almost everyone in Bravo Company has seen a medivac come in for one of their own at some point in the field, they know what it means. And when one flies over our area to land at the hospital you see people visibly disturbed.

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Day by Day, by Chris Muir (updated daily)

Chris Muir is the cartoonist that I met in Kuwait. He spent two weeks in Iraq at the same time I was there in February 2007, and so thought it would relevant to showcase his work on my site. Here is a link to Chris' humorous travelogue of this Iraq trip: http://billroggio.com/archives/2007/03/arrival_alignright_v.php