Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ordering Prints (frequently asked questions)

Now that I'm back in the US, I am in process of uploading about a 1,000 full sized original photos from the trip that will all be available for printing (this includes more than 800 new pictures that nobody has seen yet!) It may take a couple days to get them all uploaded...

Frequently asked questions:

1. How much are you charging for prints?

4x6 $5.00
5x7 $7.00
8x10 $15.00
8x12 $15.00 (I would highly recommend printing 8x12 instead of 8x10, because it shows the whole image.)
11x14 $20.00
4 x wallets $5.00

There are also many other products available from coffee mugs to t-shirts. Click the "buy: this photo" button above a picture to add a picture to your shopping cart and see all the products and prices.

2. What about poster size enlargements?

Many of the pictures I took should print fairly well up to 20x30 (poster size), if you are interested in ordering 12x18 ($30.00) or 20x30 ($50.00) please contact me by email (eric.bowen(at), and I will handle the order personally.

3. Why are you charging so much/so little for prints?

This project is a personally funded, money loosing labor of love. Selling prints is one way to help recover some of the costs. My goal is to strike a balance between affordability for family members and meaningful income to support the project.

4. I would love to get some prints of my family member, but I really can't afford the prices?

I realize that this deployment is a severe financial hardship for some guard families, and if you legitimately can't afford the prices send me an email, and we'll arrange a scholarship to get you some free photos of your family member.

5. What if I order a lot of prints? Can I get a discount?

Contact me directly, and I would be happy to discuss your circumstances?

6. I'm uncomfortable shopping online with a credit card, can I send you a check?

Send me an email with the details of what you would like to order, and I would be happy to try to accommodate you.

7. Print guarantee. What if I'm not happy with the prints I ordered?

SmugMug, the company that hosts my photo website, and processes print orders provides an unconditional guaranty of all print orders:

"If you are unhappy with your prints or gifts, SmugMug will reprint or refund your order, whichever you prefer. Simply send email to within 30 days of receiving your order."

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