Monday, February 12, 2007

Watch me on KSTP Channel 5

KSTP Channel 5 Minneapolis ran my first piece on the 10:00pm news last night. I don't know if it ran on any other Minnesota ABC stations.

For those of you that live outstate, or don't have time to sit glued to your TV, you should be able to watch the stories online at the KSTP website soon (no link yet).


Steve said...


While the video clip is not up yet, they've got a nice placeholder for you at:

Steve said...

CORRECTION: The video report is online as of: 02/13/2007 08:24:43 AM

Monday, Feb. 15: Eric's first pictures from Iraq
Monday, Feb. 15, freelance journalist Eric Bowen filed his first pictures after landing in Iraq.

Bowen went on patrol with Humvees near Fallujah.

"You can see, there's a lot of children, kind of a normal life, right in the middle of a war," Bowen said.

Press play to watch the entire report...

Day by Day, by Chris Muir (updated daily)

Chris Muir is the cartoonist that I met in Kuwait. He spent two weeks in Iraq at the same time I was there in February 2007, and so thought it would relevant to showcase his work on my site. Here is a link to Chris' humorous travelogue of this Iraq trip: