Friday, February 2, 2007

Getting equipment ready

Here's a quick shot of the kitchen table this evening. Getting things organized, and putting the finishing touches on my plate carrier. A plate carrier is a vest that holds armor plates, and has lots of molle loops on the outside to rig gear (one of the big pains about body armor is that you loose access to all the pockets on your shirt). Mine currently has a satellite phone, a maglite, a leatherman, and a couple of pouches for extra camera batteries, memory cards, and video tape (photojournalist ammunition).


phil said...

how many GB in flash cards are you bringing? how many full-resolution photos does that equate to/how many rolls of film does that equate to?

-PAB (not the paige PAB)

Eric Bowen said...

I've got 20 GB of flash cards in assorted sizes. And I'm taking two cameras with different sized sensors, one is 6 megapixel and the other is 10 megapixel, of the exact answer is "it depends".

I generally shoot everything RAW, which means I get about 250 10 megapixel pictures on a 4 GB card. So at a minimum I can shoot 1250 pictures before I have to start downloading into the computer, and burning backups to DVD.

Eric Bowen said...

That comes out to 35 x 36 exposure rolls of film.

Racheal said...

This is Jason on a Monday morning at -24.5 degrees. I talked with my parents and they said we have a hometown boy you should look up while your over in Iraq. Any pictures/coverage would be awesome. His name is David Lynburner from Osage, MN (by Park Rapids). We grew up in the same small town (300 people). Tell him to be good or I will come over kick his arse... He beat me in the pick-up boxing match we had (wild kids with gloves, no adults). I was given a standing 8 count and was taken out (bad ref). Tell him I want a rematch after I get in shape. So, be smart and careful, stay low and let the guys with guns go first.

Racheal said...

hopefully my last post went through, but I was supposed to say hi from Jim and Todd..

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