Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'm working on a couple of larger articles that aren't ready to go yet, but I just wanted to make a comment about the attitude and emotional state of the Minnesota soldiers I have the pleasure of covering.

Everyone seems to exude a sense of quiet confidence... "We've been here for a year, and there isn't anything we can't handle."

And after a year here everyone still seems quick with a joke and a smile. I hear a lot of laughter and see a lot of good natured ribbing.


Anonymous said...

The soldier and warriors you are meeting are our Minnesota children! Of course they are smiles and quick with a! From my Blue Star Mother Chapter here in St Paul, I am sure that you are meeting some of my good friend's sons and daughters. I know from talking with their parents... they are truly Minnesotan through and through! Their humor is something that can make the whole world smile!

Thank you for this, Eric! You are giving so many of our families a chance to see and feel what it is like for our children there. Thank you!

And tell these guys that our prayers are with them every day! We moms are hanging tough...together! A band of sisters together as they are a band of brothers!

Anonymous said...

Eric-You are doing such a wonderful thing there! I enjoy reading your blog everyday to get the updates. You are doing MN proud! Keep the stories and pictures coming! Take care and be safe-Samantha

Anonymous said...

OUR MN GUYS HAVE SOME OF THE BEST SENSE OF HUMORS THAT I KNOW thank u for the cool photos and the stories take care

Anonymous said...

sometimes when you're in a situation like that of our soldiers laughing is the only way to cope. these guys deserve to come home in March as originally planned. I appreciate what you are doing over there, but as the wife of one of the soldiers you are with please make sure you show both sides of the attitude when you do complete this article. there is also a lot of disappointment and disgust with the situation the soldiers and their families have been placed in because of this extension beyond the nearly 18 months they have already served.

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