Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Breakfast of champions

Unnamed Airbase, Kuwait - I'm killing time waiting for a flight to Baghdad. I'm 9 hours off my normal timezone, and I should be catching some sleep (I'll need it later). But between the timezone and the excitement I had a hard time sleeping, and so I headed to the DFAC (chow hall) for breakfast as soon as it opened at 5:30 am.

As it turns out the DFAC here doesn't allow backpacks, and so I detoured next door to Mcdonalds which was more accomidating of my baggage. McDonalds here is a 24 walkup window, unfortunately they don't do a breakfast menu. I ordered my McBurger and fries (the burger had some vaguely Middle Eastern name, but it was really a "Big and Tasty"). When my order was ready, I found a place to sit at a picnic table with SPC Nanni of the Oregon National Guard.

Unnamed Airbase is transient hub for all troops in Iraq and Afganistan going on leave and returning from leave. SPC Nanni was heading back to Afganistan after emergency leave back home. He's in an infantry unit and has another 5 months left in his tour. Luckily for him troops in Afganistan aren't having their tours extended like the Minnesota National Guard in Iraq.

UPDATE: 5:00 pm - I just found SPC Nanni sitting on his duffle bag reading a copy of Stars & Stripes. We're not the only ones playing the waiting game.


Steve said...

So what is a "Big and Tasty" called in Arabic?

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this, Eric, but, YES, the troops in Afghanistan are getting exended just like the MN Natl Guard did.

My son is with the 10th Mountain, US Army and they were just extended for 125 days, same as our Red Bulls were.

It is happening every where....

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