Saturday, February 10, 2007

Internet problems and expenses

The internet here on Camp Fallujah has been having huge problems ever since I got here. There are two free options available to me:

1. Use a military computer in somebody's office. Unfortunately, this has been brutally slow. 15 minutes to load a web page (not kidding). And in order to do this somebody has to unlock their office, and log me in with their official military username and password (not a practical option at 12:20 am).

2. There is also a public internet cafe on post, but it only was about 15 computers, and the line to use them is several HOURS long 7x24. And these computers don't have usable USB ports or CD drives, which prevents me from using them to upload pictures.

I have had several military family members email me saying they hadn't heard from their sons at Camp Fallujah. Don't worry they are fine, they just can't get to their email.

That leaves me with one EXPENSIVE personal option: I have a BGAN internet modem with me, which is an amazing battery powered clam shell device that looks just like a laptop, except that when you flip the screen up it is really a flat satellite "dish". This is great except that to use it to upload 6 pictures, check my email, and make some blog posts this evening cost over $60 dollars! Ouch!!!

Just to remind all my readers: This mission is a self-funded money losing venture. Your DONATIONS to help defray these costs are greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to KSTP, the Crookston Daily Times, and my co-worker Paul Brazelton for their financial support of this project.

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Anonymous said...

Is there some way to donate, other than PayPal? An address we could send a check to?

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